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Find Turbonetics <strong>Turbo</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> <strong>Boost</strong> Controller Civic Chevy WRX EVO.

Find Turbonetics Turbo Manual Boost Controller Civic Chevy WRX EVO. Any method os adjusting boost on an internal WG turbo is just hiding the boost snal from the can until the controller level is reached then letting it reach the can = WG opens. Chuck Another vote for the GReddy Profec B (the orinal, which is the one I have) or the newer Type-S (which apparently is just like the orinal). Turbonetics Turbo Manual Boost Controller Civic Chevy Wrx Evo Honda Sti Nissan on 2040

<b>Turbo</b> XS BC-DSBC Dual Stage <b>Boost</b> Controller

Turbo XS BC-DSBC Dual Stage Boost Controller I'm actually running P rich rht now and hopefully with a new turbo exhaust, that will balance the a/f ratio. The MBC allows me to quickly change boost without messing with the WG actuator rod which is set for 5psi at 1000ft. I'd avoid the "Spec II", which is the only version I've heard complaints about. Buy Turbo XS Dual Stage Boost Controller BC-DSBC with free shipping

KnockLite by <i>Turbo</i> XS

KnockLite by Turbo XS It allowed spikes that kinda scared me so I splurged and got the Greddy. Your BRP kit already has a WG (wastegate) can that is part of the Garrett GT2554R that I believe that kit uses. My 5-9 can actually starts to move the actuator rod at 4psi. The Profec (EBC) is probably the best solution to this. The KnockLite is also a standard item supplied with the TurboXS DTEC range of Fuel and Boost computers.

<i>Boost</i> Controllers - DSM Performance Parts

Boost Controllers - DSM Performance Parts Does anyone know of a boost controller that would work with the BRP turbo? I think the Hallman is the best manual controller available. I have the powercard with plug in adapter, w/J&S knock system. Installation is pretty simple and shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. Ryan So if its electronic, the boost controller, where does it connect to? Price 2.52, Vibrant Manual Boost Controller Discontinued. price .51. Turbo XS Dual Stage Boost Controller. Turbo XS HP Manual Boost Controller.

Turbo xs manual boost:

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