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ManualInstalling Media on -

ManualInstalling Media on - SAMBA allows uses to connect to (or “mount”) their home and project directories on their local computer so that the file system on Midway appears as if it were directly connected to the local machine. Note Some instructions are no longer required with the new project web system. to sftp//username,[email protected] the directions at ManualShort URL//Page title -- no root access.

Yocto <em>Project</em> Mega-<em>Manual</em>

Yocto Project Mega-Manual We recommend the scp protocol for transferring files to/from RCC systems. Website The Yocto Project Website provides the latest builds, breaking news, full development documentation, and access to a rich Yocto Project Development.

Producteev by Jive - User Guide

Producteev by Jive - User Guide When connecting from the UChicago network or through the UChicago VPN it is also possible to connect to the RCC file systems using SAMBA. Introducing user guide to get the most out of Producteev. With apps for web, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Mac desktop, we let you connect on tasks and with teammates. Admin have access to all the projects public or private on the network.

Getting Started - Rundeck

Getting Started - Rundeck RCC provides a number of methods for accessing and transferring data in/out of our systems. Role-based Access Control Policies A Rundeck access control policy grants users and. Multiple projects can be maintained on the same Rundeck server. The default port for the web interface is 4440. Opens a page to this user manual.

How to get up and running with <strong>Project</strong> Server 2013 for

How to get up and running with Project Server 2013 for RCC hosts a managed Globus Online endpoint that can be used for moving very large amounts of data. Project Web App PWA is a SharePoint site that provides an entry point for. you have to manually confure your security permissions structure in Project.

Project web access manual:

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