Soundcraft si performer 2 manual

<strong>Soundcraft</strong> Si <strong>Performer</strong> 2 Console <strong>Soundcraft</strong>

Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Console Soundcraft 'Music & Lhts; these have been partners in the entertainment and production industry since amplified sound met the electric lht but until now even the simplest lhting setup would require a separate lhting controller console, road case and somewhere to put it; Soundcraft Si Performer changes everything. Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Console. QTY $ 3,550.00. The Si Performer 2 features 24 local reable mic pre amps and 8 stereo inputs. Download Manual;

<em>Soundcraft</em> Si <em>Performer</em> 2 - mercury-

Soundcraft Si Performer 2 - mercury- Keeping you in control are 8 VCA busses, 8 mute s, Fader Glow and colour backlit name displays on every channel so you are never lost. Soundcraft Si Performer 2. Si Performer 2 Hhts. Prevents manual change of a mic gain control affecting direct out levels.

<em>Soundcraft</em> Si <em>Performer</em> 2 Live Sound

Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Live Sound Click here to see our 2 videos for the Soundcraft Si Performer 2 / All Product Videos The Si Performer 2 features 24 reable mic pre amps (32 on Si Performer 3) plus 8 stereo returns, AES in one 64x64 expansion slot and another 64x32 expansion slot offering enough expansion to use every one of the 64 mono inputs for a possible total of 80 inputs to mix. Si Performer 2 Live. the Soundcraft Si Performer 2 Live Sound Console brings unparalleled mix power and. Prevents manual change of a mic gain control.

<em>Soundcraft</em> Si <em>Performer</em> 1 -

Soundcraft Si Performer 1 - Drawing on the combined heritage of Soundcraft's acclaimed Si Compact and Vi Series dital live sound mixers, the Si Performer takes mixing out of the dark with powerful dital audio mixing facilities married to a DMX 512 controller allowing for the first time the mixing console to also run the lhting r! Soundcraft Si Performer 1. ed the Si Performer 2 and Si. and if you find yourself alone on an island with this console without the manual it's pretty easy.

Soundcraft si performer 2 manual:

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