Icharger 308 duo manual

WARNING iCharger 308DUO Update - Page 1 - Fatshark recommends a standard (non-balance) charge rather than a balance charge. Well I was using my icharger 308duo yeasterday and decided to update the. There is no warning anywhere on the website or manual about this. I can only assume that the update procedure is the same for the 4010 DUO.

Fatsharks Balance Charge or not Balance charge - RC A proper balance charger only uses the balance connector to monitor the state of charge of each cell, and bleed some current from one that is reaching full charge before the others. Hard to know which, without a detailed manual on the battery, or unwrapping it. A proper balance. I have an iCharger 308 Duo. My Fat Shark.

ICharger 3W 30A 8S Dual Port Charger - Buddy Personally, I always balance charge, but I have a proper charger. ICharger 308 Duo is a little brother of the popular and extremely powerful iCharger 4010 Duo. Instead of charging 10S batteries up to 40A, iCharger 308 Duo.

Icharger 308 duo manual:

Rating: 88 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates

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